Sommelier in your private party – the new essential

The latest trend in jazzing up the familiar dinner party at home is hiring your own sommelier. Going off the normal route of the usual party catering in Singapore which is centered on food, people are looking for a different experience and off the beaten track. Hiring a sommelier to spice things up in party is not only creative, but adds a sophisticated and classy touch to the party.

wine in party

Sommeliers or wine stewards are trained and knowledgeable wine professionals who specialize in all aspects of wine service as well as wine pairing. But the best sommeliers- the ones who can reveal the story behind a wine can only are found at restaurants. Lately, however, more and more former top sommeliers are heading out to become wine educators and hosting wine parties and tasting in people’s home. Hiring them to host a get-together is a sure way to add a bespoke feel to it. Wine tasting parties are a fun way to learn about wine while enjoying the great company of friends in a private setting. There are plenty of ways to host a party with a sommelier.

  1. A private cellar tasting

For those who already have an extensive wine collection, one option is to hire a sommelier to lead a tasting of wines from your own cellar. After, familiarizing oneself with the contents of your cellar, a Sommelier can suggest and carry the guest through an evening of tasting and lead the discussion on flavors and notes in the wine.

  1. Wine class at home

For those of us who do not own large wine collections, sommeliers can also provide guests with a selection of local or foreign wine and provide a learning experience to you and your guests. The sommelier will gladly provide a selection after getting a sense of your guests’ level of wine knowledge.

  1. Private dinners at home

When the occasion calls for it, sommeliers can also partner with a private dining service to offer a wholesome dining experience. The chef and sommelier will brainstorm to come up with a menu paired with the perfect wine to enhance each other’s flavours. Events like this can be a cocktail-style reception or a multi-course sit-down dinner or even if you’re just doing a simple party catering.

sniffing wine

I don’t know about you but every time after I host a party, I’d be exhausted. The expectation for the host to entertain the guests every minute of the party is just too tiring. The benefit of having a sommelier at your dinner party can help to alleviate your exhaustion.

  • A sommelier can entertain your guests while you relax and enjoy the party. Often as a host, you are the star of the night. So sit back and relax in the glory while a sommelier and a private dining service takes care of things for you. A wine tasting event with a sommelier will be truly an unforgettable experience for your guests.
  • With the help of these wine experts, there is no way that the beverages at your party are sub-standard. The sommelier will know how to pair the right wine to the amazing food that you order from your premium and luxury caterer.
  • Imagine that your guests will enjoy and relish the wine more with the help of a sommelier who will introduce the wine and explain to your guests the interesting heritage of the wine, the region it comes from and why it is a good pair with the food.

All I need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the evening. I’ll definitely give this a try!




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