Aging Wine for Your Child

Soon after coming to this world, our little ones are often the reason of pride for most of us. They start taking our habits, and we are happy to assist them in doing so. We have seen people influence their kids in playing or watching football, enjoying a particular type of music, or developing a preference for racing cars – basically, we tend to influence our kids to have the same preferences and habits we have. However, I am sure you are not likely to have heard of a parent aging wine for his baby kid.

Being a wine addict myself -as funny as it may sound- I am super excited to be aging wine for some of the proudest moments I anticipate to have many years for now. I have put several bottles, including many Bordeaux and California Cabernet Sauvignon, in my wine basement. Moments such as the 21st birthday, graduation day, and wedding day will go up a notch with gifts as exciting as some 10-15 year old wines taken care of by yourself.

wedding celebration

Sure, those cute baby care product and other remarkably cute toys bought in California Baby may excite a child, but can you imagine the moment –usually a very special day- you gift him/her a bottle of vintage, beautifully aged wine?

For some of us wine freaks, the whole beautiful experience of expecting a child doubles its beauty with the advantage of having a bona fide excuse to get some outstanding bottles of wine (a case or two, or three) and plan for a 15+ years of aging. Waiting for the special days to gift the bottles over to my most loved ones is a remarkable incentive that keeps me from surrendering to the lure of opening them early – any wine enthusiasts knows about the likelihood of that full well. To add to that, my wife’s iron fist when it comes to “touching the baby’s wine” is just as effective!

Among some of the main points you must consider before beginning such a journey though, the most important ones tend to be related with the amount of wines you want to buy, the vintage, and the location you intend to store them in. To begin with, you want to decide whether you are going to have one very special bottle for each kid or many, given on different occasions. The vintage you select your wines from is also essential, as it is often recommended to select wines from the same year the child was born. Last but not least, it is very important to choose a stable location – although wines are not very picky regarding the specific temperature, they do not react very well to constant fluctuations in temperature. Let’s not forget the fact that some wines do not age perfectly well, therefore sometimes too long might actually makes the quality of wines deteriorate. Here is a perfectly good guide for your reference too!

aging wine

You don’t even have to be a wine freak to be able to enjoy the beauty of aging a wine for a specific occasion. No money or gift can exceed the effort of doing it for a gift, making it one of the most special gifts possible.


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