5 Common Mistakes in Building Wine Cellar

So you’ve decided to build a wine cellar and are ready to start working on it? Well, I can assure you that’s one of the most exciting things you could do at your home, especially if you are a wine addict – just imagine how electrifying it will look when completed!
wine racks
Hold your horses though, it is not that easy! In fact, despite the expertise people traditionally have with working on home décor in Singapore, building a wine cellar still remains one of the fiercest challenges for many of them. Especially if you are new to wine cellar building, you must be very careful not to fall for some of the most common mistakes people do when building it – which I will elaborate in details below, by putting together some of the most useful information about those mistakes.

  1. The presumption about the wine cellar’s temperature

If you have never had the chance to see how a wine cellar works, you are most likely to fall for this mistake as well. People seem to think that the wine cellar will have the same temperature throughout the year, and that is a detrimental mistake which will be costly to your most loved bottles. A wine cellar will be affected by the weather outside, therefore appropriate measures must be taken in order to ensure the right temperature throughout the year.

The most popular method of controlling the wine cellar’s temperature is by installing a climate control equipment – and no, air conditioners won’t do! The perfect temperature to ensure the best quality for the wine bottles is between 13 to 15 degrees Celsius, while the humidity should be at an average of 70%, which requires a climate control equipment for the best effect.

  1. Insulation of the wine cellar

Another detrimental and major mistake people commonly do is underestimating the effect a good and qualitative insulation does to the quality wines in a wine cellar. In fact, it could well be the first and basic step you take when you decide to build the wine cellar, especially because it is very cheap if installed at the beginning. Proper insulation ensures the temperatures and humidity are kept at a desired level and, therefore, the wine inside the bottles ages at a much greater pace.

  1. The vapor barrier

The need for vapor barrier is yet another seemingly less important, but possibly detrimental factor if neglected. The vapor barrier is a must for any wine cellar, as it decidedly helps maintain the ideal storage conditions. Moreover, vapor barrier helps prevent moisture, thus also helping prevent mold and mildew infestation. Definitely a must in the Singapore’s humid weather.

  1. The wine cellar’s door

Choosing the door based on its looks, rather than is technicalities according to the needs of the wine cellar definitely makes one of the most common mistakes in wine cellar building. People are naturally focused on making their home décor look good, therefore they often neglect the specific and sensitive requirements of rooms such as the wine cellar. Choosing a door which is not tightly sealed will most likely lose all the good work done with insulation and any climate control equipment in it. A well-installed and insulated door is vital in ensuring the ideal temperature inside the wine cellar.

wine racks

  1. Racking

Although not as possibly detrimental as the above, the wrong racking of wine bottles inside the wine cellar could considerably slow the aging pace of the wine in it. People usually focus on racking the bottles in a way to look beautiful, neglecting the fact that the racking of wine bottles actually requires specific considerations based on a combination of storage solutions, case sizes and wine buying styles.

While the above are some of the most important and common mistakes you must look to avoid when building a wine cellar, the list goes on. More specifically, you must be careful with regards to the wine friendly lightning, the drain line required for the wine cooling unit, flood prevention, and appropriate flooring among other possibly dangerous factors.

Basically, if you are a newbie at wine cellar building, the potential mistakes you could run onto are so many that It is most likely that you will end up falling for at least one of them. Besides learning from them however, the most important thing is the final and completed product. You will be proud of your new wine cellar, and years will feel like centuries while you are waiting for your wine to age.


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